Neem: The Tree Of Life!

Azadirachta indica considered the tree of life in India and the universal healer of all oils. This oil derived from the seeds and fruits of the neem tree is packed with Antibacterial, Anti fungal, Antioxidants, Calcium, Fatty acids, and Vitamin E. And one of our main ingredients in our formulas. 

Neem oil is the multipurpose oil that heals, strengthens, protects, repairs, conditions, moisturizes, stimulates hair growth, calms fizz, and helps with dry damaged hair. Neem oil is also known to fight head lice. This oil works wonders.

 Mix a few drops of one of our oils with your shampoo. Pour a couple drops in your hands and run it through your hair after flat ironing. Warm a teaspoon amount up in the microwave until warm to touch ( do not apply while oil is hot) and apply to scalp to tips. Leave on for an hour or two. For best results leave on overnight. Wash out twice with shampoo.

Neem oil has a strong earthy smell. The earthy tone is what makes neem oil so effectively  amazing.